Roots of Alpha Epsilon Phi

Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded by seven Jewish women at Barnard College in New York on October 24, 1909. This sorority would endeavor to foster lifelong friendship and sisterhood, academics, social involvement, and community service, all the while providing a home away from home for its members.


As a historically Jewish organization, it is important to us that we find sisters who respect that heritage as AEPhi continues to succeed and prosper on over 50 college and university campuses nationwide. We welcome hundreds of new members each year with open arms and seek not only to live up to the ideals and goals of their original founders but also to exceed them.


Our Chapter, Beta Lambda

Prior to becoming AEPhi, this group of Cal Poly women was a local Panhellenic sorority, Alpha Epsilon. Alpha Epsilon began as a group of women seeking the bonds of friendship by means of a solid organization.


When these women saw the need for a new tight-knit sorority, they formed a club and eventually made a presentation to Panhellenic focused on one day bringing Alpha Epsilon Phi to Cal Poly. On November 17, 2007, Alpha Epsilon was born. The group was admitted to Panhellenic as an associate member beginning in January 2008. Interested women gathered at one of the founding sisters' apartments in November and elected the first board.


Since that day, the women of AE strived to become a part of AEPhi, integrating themselves into Cal Poly Greek life. They never gave up on their dream of one day becoming AEPhi. The Beta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi was established on May 25th, 2014, and we are proud to be a part of Cal Poly’s Panhellenic community! 

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Beta Lambda Chapter 

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